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Busy is not productive

"If time is our most valuable resource, attention is the currency we value it in. Where are you focusing your attention?"

Two Simple Options

C25K - Flagship

The Couch to 5km of productivity. – Give yourself the time to focus what is important

5 weeks A manageable 1-2hrs per week investment

2-5X your effectiveness while working less

£250 or R4,500* per participant

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Boot Camp Interventions

Specific and tactical targeting legacy processes – Every intervention will be different

1-4 days – 6 intense hrs per day

Outcome is variable, but in the past I have helped cut lead time by 90%. Halved month end close. Reduced steps in a process by 80%.

£550 or R9,500* per day + travel

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The C25K is ideal for mid/senior level managers and freelance entrepreneurs. 

My experience and expertise for boot camp interventions is primarily with Finance teams, but I have found it necessary, as finance is the back end of the information flow, to work with all teams within an organisation.

"We've always done it that way"

  • Teams are busier and work longer hours than output would suggest, it feels like the result is not in line with the effort
  • Staff miss deadlines and every month seems the same, submitting at or after the  deadline, whether things went well or badly
  • Conflicting priorities which don’t focus on ROI –We ask how long does it take to get the result we want, not if I am prepared to invest this amount of time, what result can I get?
  • A history of attempts at strategic transformations and reorganisations (both systems and people) result in the same legacy processes being performed by different people or in different systems
  • Workarounds, rather than fixes are implemented – some are likely to be needed, worrying when this becomes the default.

Tactical implementations and changes result in marginal improvements that compound for dramatic effect.

Couch to 5k

A powerful programme to create the space and time for a more effective organisation:

  • Most productivity initiatives try for Olympic or Marathon intensity, without getting some base fitness first.
  • This programme extracts the best practices across experts and methods, to allow teams to get started.
  • Gives some breathing space, to start thinking in a different way.
  • It can help managers – who can then lead the changes in their teams.
  • Week 1 – Identifying focus areas and making space
  • Week 2 – Book-ending and prioritising focus
  • Week 3 – Reducing interruptions and increasing focus time
  • Week 4 – Mailbox and meeting management
  • Week 5 – Checkpoint and specific interventions
  • 5 weeks of small changes, with dramatic compounded impact.
  • 1-2hrs investment each week – 30-60min Skype call, 30-60min Implementation.
  • 4-5 people per cohort.
  • £250 or R4,500*

Boot camp

Specific, targeted, tactical – Every approach could be different

  • 1-4 days intense activity
  • Specific tactical issues e.g. Close calendar, Debtors, Cash flow, KPIs
  • 6 hrs of focused rapid resolution – Split between diagnostic, design & implementation

Types of activity – I am pragmatic not dogmatic

  • Lean – Value Stream Mapping – Remove clutter and noise
  • Theory of Constraints – Bottlenecks and flow
  • Dependency – Critical path analysis
  • Problem Solving – Root cause problem solving
  • Marginal Gains – 1% is all it takes. Moore’s law is only 0.1% per day.
  • Focus – Prioritisation and productivity best practice (e.g. 80/20 or Pareto, Deep Work)
  • Best practice – SOPs, Excel Design, Outlook (Mailbox and Calendar)

What I don't do

  • Systems changes – Fixing legacy systems remediation or systems change. This may be a recommendation, but needs to be built on a solid foundation. 
  • Make the changes for you – If I do, then when I leave, the changes aren’t owned.
  • Long engagements – This is expensive and creates a culture of dependency.
  • Bottom up change – Without alignment and involvement of the decision maker, this cannot be “someone else needs to change.”
  • Number three priority – The intervention needs to be in the top two priorities of the individuals involved.

I am a problem solver born out of frustration

With a background in Audit, SOX(!), Internal Audit and SAS70 – I found controls stacked on controls which dilute ownership and cost more than the risk they are covering:

  • 10 years in working Finance and Financial Services
  • Chartered Accountant (ICAEW) – 5 years creating work through Audit
  • Lean Certified (Cardiff University) – 5 years fixing the problems created

Systems are blamed, they are designed well, used “differently”:

  • The actual system – System limitation (often not the problem)
  • How the system is configured – Configuration limitation (sometimes the problem)
  • How it is used – User limitation (often the problem)

I have worked with Finance (and other teams) across 15 countries and have consistently found the same three issues:

  1. Legacy systems and processes – Opening spreadsheets created in 2011
  2. Dependency of people without influence – Last in line for the information
  3. Lack of focus – misunderstanding urgent and important, versus what I’m doing now

Location is Nothing or Everything

  • The C25k is designed to be done online.
  • Boot camp interventions are typically (let’s chat before deciding) using best face to face due to the intensity.

*Pricing Notes

  • 50% price reduction for Government, Freelancers, Charities and Sustainable/Circular Entities
  • Being a citizen of the world, I also accept Euro and US Dollars.

For the C25K –

  • 100% refundable if the individual leaves after week 2 and has completed the required activity in that time.

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